Meraki Magazine | Meet The Artist Emmanuel Jal


When we think of making the most out of your circumstance, turning life’s trials into triumphs, playing the cards you’re dealt and winning the game, we immediately think of people like Emmanuel Jal. Emmanuel is a man who has completely transformed his life & the lives of others through music. He was born in the village of Tonj, Warrap State in the Bahr el Ghazal region of Sudan (now South Sudan). As a young child, he was recruited (as were many other children) by the SPLA and forced to train and fight in the civil war. He eventually was able to run away, find shelter with an aid worker & move to Kenya. Although he no longer a child soldier, he still struggled as he lived in the slums and largely fended for himself. Through all of this, he made a way out of what seemed like no way. We truly encourage you all to read his story for yourself in his book War Child: A Child Soldier’s Story. There’s simply no way to describe his story and testimony in one post!

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