My Life Is Art Pie Chart



This is how I view it. When I think about how my existence has evolved I get excited because I don’t know how it will turn out. What really captivates me is the fact that I can play a part in painting a piece of art to be the best it could possibly be, to be appreciated by those who I leave behind and those who shall come after me.

Millions of sperms raced in my mothers womb, all of them died except one. The one that made it fertilized the egg that is now me. I am still evolving. The only time I will be complete as a piece of art is when I am dead. People are quick to both judge me and praise me for the things that I am now doing. But the painting is not yet complete, and what the people say now will help shape how the art is going to turn out. There is a saying in Africa that a child is raised by the village, but there is also a saying that an adult is everybody’s food.

The people who will be left on this world will be the ones to determine if I was a beautiful piece of art or a horror. When I was in my mother’s womb I was so excited to get out that I could hear what was going on around me. Sometimes I got scared and my mother would whisper, “Don’t be afraid son, it’s a beautiful world.” The creator spoke to me and told me I will be great and am going to create great things. The world was waiting for me. Mother assured me too that it’s beautiful out here and everyone is waiting to throw a party for me. If anyone would have told me how it was outside my mother’s womb I think would have not made it out.

When I finally exited the womb, before I could open my eyes, breath the oxygen and smell the environment, the devil pinched me and welcomed me to planet earth. I screamed in pain but he told me not to tell anyone.  Even though I was born in hell mother earth told me, “Son, the summation of choices you make everyday will be your destiny. So go on, don’t stop. You have the power to shape your destiny.”

My life is art.

Each of those letters represent how I live my life every day. They are the eleven principles to make people successful. They have brought me this far and I am sure they will take me further. I am working every day to soak myself with them.

-Emmanuel Jal


To search for your soul or gain self peace. It also could mean praying and searching for purpose. This is the time a person needs to build themselves, seeking the courage to face their fear. Meditating means think before you act, to see if what you want to do is really what you want to do.


A crazy burning desire to see or get something. It’s the hunger or the thirst for something, the fuel for passion. Yearning is the first site of love for an idea. You are not free until you get it done. Your brain awaits the pleasure of whatever thing you yearn for.


To show the way or to serve. One must lead by example. Leading means you can see something as it is impossible to lead without a vision. Vision is seeing something only you have imagined and then believing it into existence.Where there is no vision people perish.


Being innovative is coming up with ideas that stand out and can transform lives. Ideas are what structure our world. All a person needs in life is one good idea, an idea that can transform their life and also have a positive impact to the globe. Innovation is also the ultimate creative force that sparks our imagination to keep pushing the bar higher. An idea becomes more when a person puts it into action.


Give the maximum amount of attention needed to goals, tasks and visions. Focus help save time and energy, things which are more expensive than we realize. It is very important to start developing habits that can help your brain focus on the specific thing you want to achieve in life. Since my childhood, my life has been affected by multiple events that has forced me to think and every day I train myself to be focused so I can master my art.


The ability to swallow pain for long term gain. By enduring the experience of hell, we can be purified to shine like gold, diamonds and stars in the sky. Through endurance we discover patience, test our dreams, and we begin to find faith. This is also where dreams can die, but those who stay hopeful walk to the dream land.


The ability to listen to your gut and make quick decisions regarding any situation you encounter. Our gut feeling is often right but sometimes we ignore it and end up regretting our choices.


Is being wise and thoughtful, showing consideration to other people needs and having the understanding the world does not just evolve around you. It is a good a habit to develop because it can help a person in so many ways. It is needed in all aspects of life. King Solomon’s prayer to God was about asking for the wisdom to help him lead.


Successful people are action oriented. They just don’t stand by and hope things will just happen. There are people who believe that if you meditate, pray and just wait, a big fat cheque with appear in the mail with their name on it. That doesn’t happen. You can have the best ideas in the world but if you do not attempt to act on them, nothing will happen.


Reading is listening, absorbing, and the desire to learn because knowledge is power. Knowledge is the direct path to problem solving. Every human being on the planet is as valuable as the problem they can solve. In knowing we are able to look at problems as opportunities. If you don’t know how to fix your problems, someone else will exploit them for their own profit.


Training is preparation for the future, and those who don’t prepare for the future will be disciplined mercilessly by life. A boxer who has not trained to for their opponent is preparing to lose. Training is creating routine to go over what you already know and perfect the art. Through training amazing skills can be obtained, and bad habits can be replaced with good ones.