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Jal Gua


Jal Gua (meaning ‘walk in peace’ or ‘walk with power’) is an instant powder super food created by former child soldier and international hip hop artist Emmanuel Jal. Jal Gua contains a blend of two staple African ingredients: Sorghum and Moringa. Moringa comes from the moringa tree, also known as drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or tree of life because it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and over 46 anti-inflammatories. Moringa trees grow quickly, reaching a height of between 15 and 30 feet within just a few years. The leaves, fruit flowers and immature pods of the tree are eaten as nutritious foods. Sorghum is a grain that has been eaten for over 8,000 years it’s a staple in South Sudan and many African countries. From ORAC top 100 food, sorghum has over 240,000 antioxidants per every 100 grams eaten. It’s a grain with vitamins and minerals with a lot of health benefits.

Jal Gua is high in iron and an excellent source of Vitamin C, containing 7 essential nutrients: iron, copper, phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin, fiber and calcium. Jal Gua is made of organic ingredients. It is a gluten free product, processed naturally with no chemicals and no preservatives.

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