The Economist | One Man Two Wars

EMMANUEL JAL knows something about war. At less than ten years old, as a brutal civil conflict raged in Sudan, his mother was killed and his sisters were raped by Arab militiamen. Taken from his family home, he was beaten, brainwashed and trained as a child soldier by rebels fighting for independence. It was years before he was able to make an epic escape across the country during which, exhausted and starving, he was adopted by a British aid worker.

Today Mr Jal is an acclaimed hip hop artist in the UK and a peace campaigner. Meanwhile his country has fallen back on hard times. He has lost much of his remaining family in the past two months to brutal fighting between government and rebel forces in newly independent South Sudan.
The soft-spoken musician, whose adoptive mother, Emma McCune, was married the rebel leader and former vice-president Riek Machar, says, “When Bentiu [a major city] was recaptured by the government this month my brother decided not to run. He stayed because he thought the government was going to come and make the situation better.”

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